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Play outside the box

What does your instrument say about you?

Now you can build a quality guitar that speaks to your own unique music and message.  This DIY cigar box guitar kit is your canvas. 

Paint it, stain it, decorate it—the possibilities are endless. 

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fun to build, fun to play.

Whether you’re a stage performer, a street musician, or a novice player buying your first instrument; a Busk Box Guitar has something special for you. 

Acoustic and Electric

Every Busk Box Guitar Kit comes with a piezo pickup. Let the box's natural resonance carry your music, or plug it in and rock it out.

Sturdy and light

The Busk Box Guitar's hardy, compact design makes it ideal for travel. Now you'll have no trouble taking your music with you on the road.

Anyone can put together a Busk Box. This DIY kit was specifically designed as a fun project for all. 

Assembling your Kit

No workshop required

Makers of every skill level can assemble our kits with ease.  All you need are a couple free hours, a few simple tools, and your own artistic vision. 

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Make it Your way

no two players are alike, guitars should be the same

Check out these Sample busk box builds:

Art Deco
Powder Blue

Tortoise shell accents on the neck and body of this instrument provide a funky, memorable look.  Combined with the powder blue paint job, your cigar box guitar becomes a piece of eye candy you can play.



A simple coat of varnish brings out the natural beauty of the cigar box wood grain.  A polished brass sound hole cover and artfully cut pick-guard add a nice touch of character to the guitar.


Smoked &

Black paint, polished glass pick-guard, and chrome accents combine to give this guitar a hard rock edge. The upgraded Humbucker pick-up ensures that your instrument’s sound lives up to its bold rebel image. 


During the Great Depression, parents turned to Cigar Box Guitars as a way to give music to their children. Today, the Busk Box Guitar brings new life to a uniquely American invention. 

"now my daughter has two new hobbies!"

Megan L. of Indiana reports that the Busk Box has sparked two new interests in her 7-year old: playing music, and carpentry. 

Making a Busk Box with a loved one also makes memories that last for a lifetime. Your child, grandkid, or niece/nephew will always look back fondly on the time you spent together building something incredible. 

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